I am Max Aerts, industrial design student and entrepreneur by heart. In these pictures you can get a little impression of my identity. I am a hands-on person and am in favor of learning by doing, reading a book is something that does not suit me. When something has to be done I don't hesitate and I get to work, even when I don’t know how to start. Everything you do is a learning experience and every failure is a new lesson learned. Entrepreneurship is characteristic for me, I don’t seek for opportunities but see them as soon as I open my eyes. During this semester I officially started my first company "Finder Group BV" together with fellow student Jochem Timmers and our second company "CouldBee" is on its way. Designing is important but validation just as much, because if you can’t sell it… What’s the use?
If you want to accomplish something in life, you, yourself have to do it! Whether I work on an application that educates people how easy gardening can be, or whether I work on the revolutionary car, Formauto, that can make the current CO2 issues disappear. All my projects aim in one direction, create a more enjoyable, a more sustainable and a healthier world. This “Create a better world” vision may sound a bit idealistic, but I believe in it, isn’t that the first step?

These are four projects and one assignment on which I have been working on during this semester.

Moving from 9 to 5





Innovation matters only in a certain time area, therefore I chose not to start with my master next year but postpone it a year. As my coach advised in my feedback I will use the current momentum of the projects to continue them. As described on the Formauto page of this website, I will spend my full next year in team FAST as the chairman. Besides this I will also continue with the company Finder Group BV and will further develop the other company CouldBee. Depending on the success of these companies and the Formauto project, I will determine if I will start next year with my master or a year later.